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Fernandez, Pablo "Shareholder value creation of microsoft and GE" (скачать pdf-файл)

Giorgio Valente & Richard Clarida & Mark Taylor & Lucio Sarno "The Term Structure Of Euromarket Interest Rates: Some New" (скачать pdf-файл)

Ian Tonks & Edmund Cannon "UK Annuity Rates And Pension Replacement Ratios 1957-2002" (скачать pdf-файл)

Parantap Basu & Elie Appelbaum "A New Methodology For Studying The Equity Premium" (скачать pdf-файл)

Ross Levine "Finance and Growth: Theory and Evidence" (скачать pdf-файл)

Wolfgang Drobetz & Gabrielle Wanzenried "What Determines the Speed of Adjustment to the Target Capital" (скачать pdf-файл)

Peter Sinclair "On Creditors and Debtors, and their Rates of Interest and" (скачать pdf-файл)

Philip Arestis & Ambika Luintel & Kul Luintel "Does Financial Structure Matter?" (скачать pdf-файл)

Alain Guay and Florian Pelgrin "The U.S. New Keynesian Phillips Curve: An Empirical Assessment" (скачать pdf-файл)

Tommy Sveen & Lutz Weinke "Firm-Specific Investment, Sticky Prices, and the Taylor Principle" (скачать pdf-файл)

Kyri Kyriacou & Jacob Madsen & Bryan Mase "The Equity Premium" (скачать pdf-файл)

Antonio Alvarez & Carlos Arias & William Greene "Accounting for unobservables in production models:management and" (скачать pdf-файл)

Ana Fernandes "Knowledge, Technology Adoption And Financial Innovation" (скачать pdf-файл)

Edward Simpson Prescott "Auditing And Bank Capital Regulation" (скачать pdf-файл)

Keiichiro Kobayashi "Is Financial Friction Irrelevant to the Great Depression? - Simple modification of the Carlstrom-Fuerst model" (скачать pdf-файл)

Czarniawska, Barbara "Femmes Fatales in Finance, or Women and the City" (скачать pdf-файл)

Norberg, Peter "Financial Mentality beyond Good and Evil" (скачать pdf-файл)

Li, Chuan-Zhong & LAfgren, Karl-Gustaf "NNP growth, welfare improvement and the overall rate of return on" (скачать pdf-файл)

LAAf, Hans & Heshmati, Almas "Sources of Finance, R&D Investment and Productivity: Correlation" (скачать pdf-файл)

Christopher F. Baum & Andreas Stephan & Oleksandr Talavera "Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Firm Leverage" (скачать pgf-файл)

Kyri Kyriacou & Bryan Mase "Executive Stock Option Exercises and the Predictive Ability of" (скачать pdf-файл)

The Existence of Informationally Efficient Markets When Individuals
Marc-Andreas Muendler (University of California, San Diego)
The Economics of Ideas and Intellectual Property
Michele Boldrin, David K Levine
Liquidity, volatility and growth
Enisse Kharroubi
Investment Finance and Monetary Policy in Europe
Cobham, Alex (Finance and Trade Policy Research Centre, University
of Oxford)

European Financial Market Integration, Private Investment and Employment Creation
FitzGerald, Valpy (Finance and Trade Policy Research Centre, University of Oxford)
The Political Economy of Dominant Investors
Enrico C. Perotti (Faculty of Economics and Econometrics,
Universiteit van Amsterdam, and CEPR), Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden (UniversitA de Lausanne, and CEPR)

Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Firm Leverage
Christopher F. Baum, Andreas Stephan, Oleksandr Talavera
Monetary policy and the information content of the yield spread
Michael Feroli
Monetary policy alternatives at the zero bound: an empirical assessment
Ben S. Bernanke, Vincent R. Reinhart, Brian P. Sack
The performance of international portfolios
Charles P. Thomas, Francis E. Warnock, Jon Wongswan
Is the corporate loan market globally integrated? A pricing puzzle
Mark Carey, Greg Nini
Look at me now: the role of cross-listing in attracting U.S. investors
John Ammer, Sara B. Holland, David C. Smith, Francis E. Warnock
Corporate governance and the shareholder base
Karl V. Lins, Francis E. Warnock
Women in financial services: fiction and more fiction
Czarniawska, Barbara (Gothenburg Research Institute)
Strategic Priorities, Company Performance and Attitudes Towards Management Accounting Techniques: an Empirical Study
Ekholm, Bo-GAran (Swedish School of Economics and Business
Administration), Wallin, Jan (Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration)

Social Security and the Equity Premium Puzzle
Olovsson, Conny (Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm)
The Evolution of Security Designs
Noe, Thomas H. (A.B. Freeman School of Business);Rebello, Michael J. (A.B. Freeman School of Business); Wang, Jun (Baruch College)
How Do Legal Differences and Learning Affect Financial Contracts?
Kaplan, Steven N. (University of Chicago); Martel, Frederic (UBS Global Asset Management); StrAmberg, Per (Stockholm Institute for Financial Research)
Advice and Monitoring: Venture Financing with Multiple Tasks
Schindele, Ibolya (Norwegian School of Management (BI))
Dynamic Trading Strategies and Portfolio Choice
Bansal, Ravi (Duke University); Dahlquist, Magnus (Stockholm Institute for Financial Research); Harvey, Campbell R. (Duke University)
Public Policy and the Creation of Active Venture Capital Markets
Marco Da Rin, Giovanna Nicodano, Alessandro Sembenelli
Integrating Sound Finance with Functional Finance
Peter Hans Matthews, David Colander
Accounting for Russias post-crisis growth
Rudiger Ahrend
Bank Capital, Liquidity and Systemic Risk
Martin Summer (Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Economic Studies
Division); Juergen Eichberger (University of Heidelberg, Department of Economics)

On the Possibility of Informationally Efficient Markets
David Goldbaum
To What Extent Are Investment Bank-Differentiating Factors Relevant For Firms Floating IPOs?
Kedar S. Kulkarni, Tarun Sabarwal
The Valuation of Corporate Debt with Default Risk
Hassan Naqvi (NUS Business School, & Financial Markets Group, LSE)
The Underinvestment Problem, Risk Management, And Corporate Earnings Retention
Stanley C. W. Salvary (Canisius College)
Risk, uncertainty and option exercise
Jianjun Miao (Department of Economics, Boston University)
Axiomatic Foundations of Agency Theory
Edi Karni
Finance Constraints and Inventory Investment: Empirical Tests with Panel Data
Rose Cunningham
International Equity Flows and Returns: A Quantitative Equilibrium Approach
Rui Albuquerque, Gregory H. Bauer, and Martin Schneider
Determinants of Investment Flows into Emerging Markets
Carlos Andras Amaya, Peter Rowland
Mergers and the limited liability effect
M. Pilar Socorro
Managerial Hedging and Portfolio Monitoring
Alberto Bisin, Piero Gottardi, Adriano A. Rampini
Competition Among Securities Markets: Can the Canadian Market Survive?
Cacile Carpentier, Jean-FranAois L'Her, Jean-Marc Suret
Market Incompleteness and the Equity Premium Puzzle: Evidence from State-Level Data
Kris Jacobs, Stephane Pallage, Michel A. Robe
The Determinants of Credit Default Swap Premia
Jan Ericsson, Kris Jacobs, Rodolfo A. Oviedo
Option Valuation with Long-run and Short-run Volatility Components
Peter Christoffersen, Kris Jacobs, Yintian Wang
Information Theory and the Role of Intermediaries in Corporate Governance
Peter Christoffersen, Kris Jacobs, Yintian Wang
Using a Bootstrap Approach to Rate the Raters
Andra Gattler
Using Multi-Bank Loan Pool Contracts
Andreas Gintschel, Andreas Hackethal
Share Buy-Backs in Germany - Overreaction to Weak Signals?
Alexandre Zdantchouk, Andreas Hackethal
Financing Patterns: Measurement Concepts and Empirical Results
Andreas Hackethal, Reinhard H. Schmidt
Estimating the Expected Cost of Equity Capital Using Consensus Forecasts
Holger Daske, Ganther Gebhardt, Stefan Klein
Corporate Governance in Germany: An Economic Perspective
Reinhard H. Schmidt
The Impact of State Corporate Taxes on FDI Location
Claudio A. Agostini
Tax Interdependence in the U.S. States
Claudio A. Agostini
The Effect on Stock Prices of the Swedish Wealth Tax
Jennergren, L. Peter
Does Sweden Have Too Many or Too Few Bankruptcies Compared to EU Countries, Norway and the USA?
Buttwill, Klas
Severance Pay and Corporate Finance: Empirical Evidence from a Panel of Austrian and Italian Firms
Cardinale, Mirko and Orszag, Mike
Exotic Options: Proofs Without Formulas
Rolf Poulsen
Equity Prices, Productivity Growth and 'The New Economy
Jakob B. Madsen, Philip Davis
Over-the-Counter Markets
Darrell Duffie, Nicolae Garleanu, Lasse Heje Pedersen
Dynamic Trading Strategies and Portfolio Choice
Ravi Bansal, Magnus Dahlquist, Campbell R. Harvey
Corruption in America
Edward L. Glaeser, Raven Saks
Pseudo Market Timing and Predicitve Regressions
Malcolm P. Baker, Ryan Taliaferro, Jeffrey Wurgler
Dividend Taxes and Corporate Behavior: Evidence from the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut
Raj Chetty, Emmanuel Saez
Do Stock Prices Really Reflect Fundamental Values? The Case of REITs
William M. Gentry, Charles M. Jones, Christopher J. Mayer
The Impact of Population Aging on Financial Markets
James Poterba
The Cross-Section of Volatility and Expected Returns
Andrew Ang, Robert J. Hodrick, Yuhang Xing, Xiaoyan Zhang
Behavioral Corporate Finance: A Survey
Malcolm Baker, Richard S. Ruback, Jeffrey Wurgler
Deposit Insurance and External Finance
Stephen G. Cecchetti, Stefan Krause
Jump and Volatility Risk and Risk Premia: A New Model and Lessons from S&P 500 Options
Pedro Santa-Clara, Shu Yan
Financing Invention During the Second Industrial Revolution: Cleveland, Ohio, 1870-1920
Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Margaret Levenstein, Kenneth L. Sokoloff
The Information of Option Volume for Future Stock Prices
Jun Pan, Allen Poteshman
Banking reform in Russia: problems and prospects
William Tompson
Valuation of American Continuous-Installment Options
Pierangelo Ciurlia, Ilir Roko
Why Borrowers Pay Premiums to Larger Lenders: Empirical Evidence from Sovereign Syndicated Loans
Issam Hallak
Shareholder Preferences and Dividend Policy
Michael J. Brennan, Anjan V. Thakor
Why Do Firms Smooth Earnings?
Anand Mohan Goel, Anjan V. Thakor
Private versus Public Ownership: Investment, Ownership Distribution, and Optimality
Salman Shah, Anjan V. Thakor
When to Put All Your Eggs in One Basket.....When Diversification Increases Portfolio Risk!
Cornelis A. Los
When Formal Bankruptcy: Strategic Debt Service with Senior and Junior Creditors
Adriana Breccia
Modelling the Evolution of Credit Spreads in the United States
Stuart M. Turnbull, Jun Yang
Style, Fees and Performance of Italian Equity Funds
Riccardo Cesari, Fabio Panetta
Cofinancing to Manage Risk in the Motion Picture Industry
Ronald Goettler, Phillip Leslie
An Analysis of Financial Analysts Optimism in Long-term Growth Forecasts
Byunghwan Lee, John O'Brien, K. Sivaramakrishnan
Changes in the financial management of housing corporations in the Netherlands : case research in two housing corporations
Bogt, H.J. ter
Dynamic behavior of value and growth stocks
Wouters, T. & Plantinga, A.
Dividend policy of German firms : a dynamic panel data analysis of partial adjustment models
Goergen,M. & Renneboog,L. & Correia da Silva,L.
Creditor- and debtor-oriented corporate bankruptcy regimes revisited
Bank failures in Russia: why do banks go bankrupt?
Marina Malyutina, Svetlana Parilova
Russian stock market: participants and their strategies
Georgy Kolodyazhny, Alexey Medvedev
Dynamic Optimal Capital Structure and Technical Change
Loof, Hans
Dynamic Optimal Capital Structure and Project Financing
Salman Shah, Anjan V. Thakor
Contrasting Traditional Financial Considerations and Behavioralist Analysis of Rational Economic Choice When Determining Capital Budgeting Project Allocation
Kirby Adam J.R. Faciane
Rational Investors' Performance Versus Momentum Traders
Kirby Adam J.R. Faciane
Modern Portfolio Theory and Control Risk
Kirby Adam J.R. Faciane
Continuous Signaling Within Partitions: Capital Structure and the FIFO/LIFO Choice
Patricia J. Hughes, Eduardo S. Schwartz, Anjan V. Thakor
Do Investors Overvalue Firms With Bloated Balance Sheets?
David Hirshleifer, KEWEI HOU, Siew Hong Teoh, YINGLEI ZHANG
Do Individual Investors Drive Post-Earnings Announcement Drift? Direct Evidence from Personal Trades
David Hirshleifer, James N. Myers, Linda A. Myers, Siew Hong Teoh
Can Individual Investors Beat the Market?
A Theory of Overconfidence, Self-Attribution, and Security Market Under- and Over-reactions
Stock Valuation and Investment Strategies
Zhiwu Chen, Ming Dong
A Generalized Earnings-Based Stock Valuation Model
Ming Dong, David Hirshleifer
Why Individual Investors Want Dividends
Ming Dong, Chris Robinson, Chris Veld
Why VAR Fails: Long Memory and Extreme Events in Financial Markets
Cornelis A. Los
Boca Resorts Inc.-A Valuation Report
Supreena Narayanan, Nikesh Agarwal, Leisha Weissenberger, Marta Wisniewska
Stanley C. W. Salvary
A contest with the taxman - The impact of tax rates on tax evasion and wastefully invested resources
Ralph C Bayer
Market Reaction and Volatility in the Brazilian Stock Market
Otavio Ribeiro De Medeiros, Alberto Shigueru Matsumoto
Sustainability in the boardroom: An empirical examination of Dow Jones sustainability world index leaders
Ricart, Joan E., Rodriguez, Miguel A., Sanchez, Pablo
Do Liquidation Values Affect Financial Contracts? Evidence from Commercial Loan Contracts and Zoning Regulation
Efraim Benmelech, Mark J. Garmaise. Tobias Moskowitz
Information Content of Equity Analyst Reports
Asquith, Paul; Mikhail, Michael; Au, Andrea
Finance, Firm Size, and Growth
Thorsten Beck, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Luc Laeven, Ross Levine
The corporate-fund manager interface: objectives, information and valuation
Paul Sanderson, John Hendry, Richard Barker
Costly Dividend Signaling: The Case of Loss Firms with Negative Cash Flows
Joos, Peter; Plesko, George
Irreversible Investment under Dynamic Agency
Steve Grenadier, Jianjun Miao, Neng Wang
Investment Banking and Analyst Objectivity: Evidence from Forecasts and Recommendations of Analysts Affiliated with M&A Advisors
Kolasinski, Adam; Kothari, S.P.
Literature Review of Frameworks for Macro-indicators
Andrew Sharpe
Fund liquidation, self-selection and look-ahead bias in the hedge fund industry
Horst, J. ter Verbeek, M.
Executive Financial Incentives and Payout Policy: Firm Responses to the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut
Jeffrey R. Brown, Nellie Liang, Scott Weisbenner
Owners, traders and providers of capital: the multiple faces of institutional investors
John Roberts, Paul Sanderson, John Hendry, Richard Barker
Industrial Finance Before the Financial Revolution: Japan at the Turn of the Last Century
Yoshiro Miwa, J. Mark Ramseyer
An Empirical Analysis of the Canadian Term Structure of Zero-Coupon Interest Rates
David J. Bolder, Grahame Johnson, Adam Metzler
Some New Variance Bounds for Asset Prices
Charles Engel
Corporate Financing Decision When Investors Take the Path of Least Resistance
Malcolm Baker, Joshua Coval, Jeremy C. Stein
Reply to "The value of tax shields is equal to the present value of tax shields"
Fernandez, Pablo

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